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Deep Sedation

Deep Sedation

For those with more extreme fears, we offer deep sedation dentistry. This entails a complete sedation through IV with an anesthesiologist. This allws the dentist to complete all necessary work in one sitting, knowing the patient is without any fears and is as comfortable as possible. 


Once the medication wears off, the patient is awoken with all completed dental work done. No fears, no pain, no embarrassment. 


This puts the patient back in great oral and dental health. After being sedated and having the necessary work done, patients are very pleased to have thier fears gone, and now come back regularly for check-ups with their dental helath fullly restored.


Deep sedation puts a patient into sleep by medications administred through IV by an anesthesiologist.

Once you have experienced conscious sedation, you will most likely never be afraid to go to the dentist again. 

Complimentary Consultation  
We want to make sure you know exactly how Sedation Dentistry can help with your fears and dental anxieties allowing you to get back to a healthy smile! Feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation by clicking the link above, or by emailing us at
or by calling us at 913-345-2929. We look forward to answer any questions you may have!


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