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Get Your Time Back! Same Day Crowns at PPD

Parkway Plaza Dental has been proud to be able to serve our patients with Same Day Crowns – Letting our patients save their time and energy! In just one visit we are able to restore a broken down tooth and strengthen it with our Doctor Designed crowns. Gone are the days of needing to take off of work for multiple visits to the dentist to fix a cracked or painful tooth. No more messy impressions, no more uncomfortable temporaries, and no more waiting weeks to finally have a tooth restored!

Dental crowns have been stuck in the past for many decades and CEREC crowns at Parkway Plaza Dental are helping to get rid of the unnecessary steps to keep appointments simple and easy.

Our experts are able to quickly prepare the tooth and Digitally Scan your teeth. This allows us to avoid using ‘goopy’ impression materials that can be uncomfortable. Our digital scan is recorded in 3D and then able to expertly design your customized crown that will fit perfect with minimal adjustments. Allowing us to give you a Same Day Crown eliminates the need for a follow up appointment or the need for a temporary crown that no one wants to have. Our line of latest technology helps to create a smoother and easier appointment at Parkway Plaza Dental.

If you have a tooth that might need a crown due to being cracked, causing pain, or is wearing down, take advantage of the resources at Parkway Plaza Dental. There is no reason to have to be living in pain, or being uncomfortable at the dentist office. Same Day Crowns at Parkway Plaza Dental will eliminate the need to follow-up appointments, unnecessary impressions, and unreliable temporary crowns. Doctor Designed crowns will help you walk out with a healthier smile saving you time and energy.

If you have any questions, or need to schedule an appointment. Please contact us by clicking here or call us at 913-345-2929. We would love to be able to assist you!

Dr. Gordon Ediger, DDS

Dr. Grayson Ediger, DDS MS

Parkway Plaza Dental Team

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