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Want a Great View without a Long & Uncomfortable Path?

Discover Clear Aligner Braces

and reduce your treatment time by 30%

Whether you never had braces before, or your teeth have shifted since you had your teeth straightened when younger, it has never been easier to re-align your smile as quickly, and efficiently as it is now.

In many patients, it will only take 6 months to get your teeth back in a healthy arch form. Many dental insurances can even help cover some of the costs of orthodontics as well!

Re-aligning your smile has many more benefits than solely helping to achieve a better aesthetic look. Aligners will help to better the harmony of your occlusion, alleviate pressure spots when you bite, better protect your teeth in the long term from fractures, and help keep your teeth cleaner by reducing crowding teeth which make it easier for plaque and calculus to form.

Traditional wire-braces are manually adjusted over the course of several years (gently guiding teeth through a series of zig-zag motions until alignment is achieved). With SureSmile and Invisalign, a digital scan of your smile creates a precise fit allowing your teeth to be guided in a more direct path (no uncomfortable impressions or manual tightening).

Unlike traditional braces, SureSmile and Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible with no rubber-bands; Plus, you won't need to change your lifestyle (think of all the crunch, chewy foods that stick to or can break wire-braces). Gain a new perspective (an a winning smile). Click here to Learn More.

By: Parkway Plaza Dental

Dr. Gordon R. Ediger

Dr. Grayson A. Ediger

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